First Virtual Music Education Conference an Outstanding Success!


July and August 2013 have been an incredible time for us here at the Fun Music Company.
We decided earlier this year to hold our very first Virtual Music Education Conference. We expected to have a little bit of interest in this, but we were unprepared for the amazing response that it would have.

We were very grateful that so many of the fantastic people we invited to speak accepted our invitation, including Anthony Field from the Wiggles, Amazing Conductor Richard Gill, Kodaly legend Sister Lorna Zemke, and conductor of the Boston Children’s chorus, Anthony Trecek King, just to name a few. There were so many amazing sessions, and the speakers shared so much terrific information.

Here was what just a few of the conference attendees had to say:

“I enjoyed being able to listen at my convenience and also review lectures I found particularly of interest.  I felt it was a great value for the quality of the presenters.”

“Thanks so much for this opportunity. It is usually difficult for me to access any music PD from my isolated location due to the very high costs and travel time away from family. With my family responsibilities, the downloadable videos are ideal. I am just watching one a night as I do the dishes with the little one in bed! Thanks again. It is a great concept.”

So we are looking forward to doing this again next year, and we are looking for ways to do it even bigger and better!

Sorry if you missed out on a ticket. We did say that tickets would close, and we have kept by that promise, even though people have been emailing us asking to buy a ticket since the 31st. We had a strict limit of 1,000 tickets because of the amount of bandwidth available for the over 4Gigabytes of content which is part of the conference.


Congratulations if you managed to secure a Premium package before they sold out – our team has been really busy packing and sending these over the last two weeks. This photo shows just a few of the hundreds of packages we have been sending out.

We appreicate your patience with these, as we had to wait for the USB sticks to be created, and they could only be ordered AFTER all content from the conference had been edited and prepared.

Most of these packages should arrive to most locations around the world within the next week.

We do have just a few of the 4GB USB Sticks left over, and in a few weeks we will sell out the remainder of these… so if you did miss out and want a chance to access this amazing content please keep on the look out for this in the next couple of weeks.



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