Free Holiday Ensemble for you to practice ready for winter!


I know that its early to be thinking about the Christmas Holidays – and here in Australia we’ve just come out of Winter, and into beautiful Spring weather. However we do know that this is the time of year that schools in the Northern Hemisphere think about finding  music for their Christmas concerts.

We’ve got a little arrangement of “Sleigh Ride” which is for school percussion ensemble, which I think you’ll really enjoy.

It is for high school percussion, however you could easily adapt it for other ensembles if you wished. It involves some key changes, however this is one of my favourite holiday tunes – non religious, so it won’t offend anyone and it celebrates the joy of the season.

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  • By Michelle Reply

    I love this arrangement and I appreciate getting it free since my school budget is small. Do you have an other arrangements available for high school percussion?

    • By janice Reply

      Hi Michelle,
      Sure we do- My husband Kevin has a website called kt percussion and he writes loads for high school percussion ensemble. Have a start by looking at this free and printable e-book he’s put together. there’s seven pieces of varying degrees of difficulty inside this. The link is:
      I do hope this gives you a start and let me know how you go with it.
      Kind Regards,

  • By Ilona Jauss Reply

    Dear Janice,

    thanks a million. I will adapt this for the pre-schoolers. Keep up the excellent work!!!!

    Warm music greetings from Namibia
    Ilona Jauss

    • By janice Reply

      Thanks Ilona – it’s always nice to hear from you.
      Kind regards,

  • By Jean Reply

    Thanks for the percussion ensemble music!!!! I can’t wait to put it together with my percussion!!

  • By Carrie Reply

    Thank you for making this available for free! So many of us in the US are in budget crunch situations, so this will help out for those holiday concerts. THANKS!

  • By Diana Reply

    Thanks for the arrangement and the piano music too. Due to budget cuts I now teach middle school band and piano lab. I’m looking forward to giving the music to my percussion students today. They will have alot of fun and its perfect for their level!

    Thanks again….glad I found you!

  • By Amanda Reply

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this available! I just came into my music job a month ago and got asked to do a holiday concert- this just about saved my behind. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • By Elisabeth Reply

    You have become one of my “go to” websites when I am in a crunch for music classroom material. My high school does not provide the music department with any budget at all, so this free arrangement is a great blessing for my struggling percussion ensemble. Thank you!!!

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