Here are a few of the resource sites that were part of the latest Music Education Twitter Chat which took place on the 9th March, 2010. The topic up for discussion was:

“What are the best web 2.0 tools to integrate in the music classroom and how do they show their effectiveness?”

These are a few highlights of the chat and are all free systems that may be useful in any classroom or studio setting.

JamLegend is cool.It’s an like online form of guitar hero.You could use it to teach elements like rhythm. Kids would love it too. “- andrewritenour

Myna is an online audio editing resource where you can remix tracks,apply sound effects easily and record your own voice or instruments. It has a very easy to use demonstration to watch and some tutorials to help you get started Here’s what one of the participators of the chat had to say about it.
“Love Myna my kids love it too which is even better! ” – kgard

Making Music Fun has some great resources that you can print off and use. Used it in class today actually”- kgard

The free online music listening library called Grooveshark sparked some debate towards the end of the twitter chat. Here’s what was said about it:

“Grooveshark is an awesome way to listen to practically anything you want!”-Cb6014

“I love grooveshark! I think it’s the best option online”listen to music online for free: – actinggirljt

“Grooveshark won’t last – just you wait. Ads can’t pay for that kind of traffic. RIAA will get ’em.”-kevinschellhase

“Actually Grooveshark is already being taken to court – expect them to become a paysite SOON”- kevinschellhase