General Questions

How do I get access to these worksheets?

When you purchase any of the modules of Music Theory Fun Sheets you get a username and password, which gives you instant access to a members only site where you can access and print the product.

Why a members area?

At the Fun Music Company we’ve tried many different ways of sharing these worksheets, and we’ve decided on the members area website as the most simple and efficient way of giving you access to these worksheets

A Members area gives you the access you need anywhere… anytime.

* You can access it from home
* You can access it from school
* You can access it using your laptop
* You can access it using any device with an internet connection and Adobe Acrobat reader

Are there any recurring charges?

No Way!

At the Fun Music Company we believe you should only have to buy something once. Once you’ve got it, it is yours for life!

Each module costs between $9.95 and $29.95, depending on the number of worksheets in the module. You can also get a package of all four modules for $69.95

Can my School Purchase Music Theory Fun Sheets?

Absolutely! School site license orders are available that allow for every teacher in a school to use the materials.

For more information or to order Music Theory Fun Sheets please visit our <a href=””>Classroom Music Worksheets</a> page.