Fun Leadership lesson for the Music Teacher

I thought this was excellent food for thought for all teachers and a great practical lesson as to why we do the things we do.

It’s done by a guy called Derek Sivers who is a musician, blog writer and business owner and he’s caught footage of a guy (who looks a bit like a lone nut in the beginning) dancing at a music concert. It takes a while for the another guy (Derek refers to him as the first follower) to come in and make it feel welcoming for others to join. Once others come in the whole thing gains momentum and becomes the coolest thing to do.

Derek states that the role of the leader is over glorified and it’s really the first follower that has transformed the “lone nut” leader into the leader.
He goes on to say that we are all taught and told to be great leaders, but really the best thing we could all do is go out and find “lone nuts” all doing great things and support them. It’s these elements that create a movement.

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  • By Chris Plante Reply

    Thanks for the ideas, we plan to use some of them at our music lessons studio, The Musik Planet, in Riverside, CA.

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