Fun Music Company Packages Revised for 2013


Fun Music Company Packages Revised for 2013

We have just revised our packages to give even more value to customers for 2013.

Here is an overview of the changes:

For Studio Teachers

We appreciate that teachers of private instruments such as guitar and piano are some of the least rewarded and hardest working music teachers around.

For this reason we have thought long and hard about it, and decided to make our Studio Music Teachers Package even more value in 2013 by adding in level TWO of our printable music theory books, adding an extra $59.95 value to this package.

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Still Great Value for Classroom Teachers

We’ve kept our popular package of five lesson plan modules exactly the same at $149 – and this includes our popular ’40 Lifesavers for the music teacher’ e-book.

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NEW For Elementary/Primary Teachers

Elementary teachers Package

We’ve now introduced a package especially for Primary/Elementary teachers, featuring our very popular Whiteboard Music Lesson Products. This is the one package that will increase in price in a few months, when module three is released and included in this package. So grab it now while it is just at $198.00

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Something Special for Junior High

junior high package


The most important products for middle school or junior high are our classroom package of five lesson plans, plus the complete theory course. Previously customers wanting these products would have had to purchase a classroom pack + a four theory level pack for $338.95, so we’ve put them together for $299, and included our 40 Lifesavers and Choir Warmup e-books.

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Something for Everyone!


We’ve put togeher a massive pack for teachers and schools who want something for every age level. Obviously with the pricing this isn’t for everyone, but this will enable your school to make the most of its budget for teaching resources.

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All these packages are available by purchase order or order via credit card online.


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