General Music Lesson Plan

Here are three ideas for games you can use in your next general music lesson plan to help encourage knowlege of the Instruments of the Orchestra. This game is especially designed for teachers without any musical knowledge and can be used in small groups or for a whole class activity.

While I was researching this topic, I realized there was a real need for more worksheets and other general activities relating to the Instruments Of the Orchestra which can be accessed instantly. Please feel free to add feedback and comment on your own needs and sucess stories and I will keep posting more info in this area as well. Here’s a few ideas to get you started;

Idea#1 – Instrument Detective

Divide your group/class into two teams.
Have a set of Clue Flashcards describing the instruments of the orchestra, a separate set of picture flashcards to match.

The teacher (or a leader student) reads a clue from a clue card. Teams have to identify which instrument the clue is talking about, and put up their hands to answer. If they get it right, they get a point. If they are not correct, they lose a point! The team with the most points wins!

Just visit if you would like to make your own flashcards.

Idea#2 – Instrument Of the Orchestra Crossword

It’s just great when you can make some relevant crosswords easily and quickly ready for filling a few minutes in class or for homework. I found a lesson plan site that will let you customize a crossword to suit your needs.

To visit the crossword which is relevant to the topic of Instruments of the Orchestra, just visit this page for a crossword maker which can quickly make you a music instruments of the orchestra crossword.

Idea#3 – Instrument Of the Orchestra Activities

I found a reproducible group of general Orchestral Instruments Information and activities to do containing colour pictures and self checking quizzes for teachers. It’s called “You’ve Got the Music in You”. It also has a section of basic music fundamentals in it.



  • By alisa

    The idea#3 link is not correct. I would love your resource for “You’ve Got the music in you” if you have the correct link somewhere.

    • By janice

      Thankyou so much for pointing this out Alisa! It appears it’s been taken off of this website, but there’s another great resource at the Classics for Kids website which is more interactive. You could use this resource on an interactive whiteboard in front of the class- you click on the instrument family and you get information on the family of instruments and can hear an example of what it sounds like. I you’re looking for something for your students to do, we’ve got a resource here at the Fun Music Company called Instruments Of The Orchestra which we made after writing this blog. This is a fully printable terrm’s module of worksheets, factsheets and lesson ideas to help with a whole term’s worth of work. Here are some free samples for you to try.