Have you heard of Piano Wizard yet?

I have recently purchased a new computer game called Piano Wizard.

I’m keen to hear from other teachers out thereĀ  who may have used this product and what you think of it. How did you integrate it into your lessons? Did it help you to inspire practice in your students? Could it be used in a music classroom situation?

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if you havn’t seen piano wizard yet, you can check it out and play the free online demo by clicking here.


  • By Claude Borders Reply

    I just started my first Piano Wizard Lab at my new music teaching job at Discovery Charter School in Las Vegas. The kids love it as I was sure they would. I like that the 5th level of the game for each song is to play the real piano with real sheet music! I also like that I met Chris Salter, game designer, at the Keyboard Pedigogy Conference about 6 years ago and then again at the NAMM show. I’ve used the Piano Wizard at my music academy, Ensemble Arts Academy for many summers at our summer rock music camp, Camp Rocks! Let me know if you want further information.

  • By Claude Borders Reply


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