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Today, I’ve got something very special to share with you. It’s a unique opportunity to help music education in schools (even in your own school!) and it isn’t going to cost you a cent!

Every year we do a special promotion to help us build the number of people who are following our facebook page.

Rather than pay for advertising, for just a few days we ask all of our friends and colleagues to share our page with their friends, and encourage them to connect with us.

In return, WE give money back: into practical things for music education in schools.

We are doing this through the website This is a well known website where teachers request funding for all sorts of educational supplies, when traditional means simply cannot supply them.

We all know that with the budget squeeze at the moment there is no money for anything: no money for instruments or resources, and music is always one of the first subjects with its budget cut.

A quick search on gives over 2300 projects related to music that are in need of funding! There will be no problem in finding schools that need help to give some money to!

Last year in this promotion frankly I was a bit disappointed. We gained a few new followers on our facebook page, and we were able to fund one complete project on to the value of around $180

This year we want to SMASH that record – and get at least 1000 new ‘likes’ on facebook, and in return we are going to put $1000 into a mixture of projects on

We’ll keep you in touch with how we are going during the week, and hopefully we can fund a few projects within a couple of days.

Even if you aren’t on facebook we wanted to find a way that you could help as well, so we decided that 10% of ALL our sales for this week would also be put into Therefore if you purchase something worth $50, we’ll donate $5. If you purchase something worth $100, we’ll donate $10. So just visit our main webpage right now and check out if there is anything you need.

So how can you help?

We’ll, you don’t need any money – it isn’t going to cost you a cent!

If you’re not already connected with us on facebook, go there right away, and click the ‘like’ button.

If you are on facebook, then write a post or share this article with your friends, and encourage them to ‘like’ our page as well

If you aren’t on facebook, and don’t want to be, then you can always purchase something from our website this weekend. It’ll help you find some solutions for music education, and it will do some good as well.

Finally, if YOU have a project already on – make sure you let us know that! We will support it if we can! We will choose a mix of projects that we think benefit the most students, but we would love to support projects from people we know on our mailing list.

Make sure you give us some feedback on this idea by filling in the comments box below – and let us know if there are other ways that we can help support music education in schools.


  • By Diane Hamilton Reply

    I DO have a project that is on donors choose. It is project 622958 called “Save the Spellers: Dictionary Drumming”. The project lacks about $250 (half way there) but I anticipate getting $100 at the end of the month for posting 4 videos for a teacher’s post. I hope you can help me to have the necessary drums to do the project with the students. They are very needy as is my music room. Thank you so much for being willing to donate to such an organization where the money goes right to the classroom, not to the government.

    • By janice Reply

      Hi Dianne,

      We are pleased to have been able to support your project. Sounds like a great idea!

  • By Aprilyn Smith Reply

    I have a project pending approval right now. I will post a link when it is approved. It is for wireless mics for my students who are in a district 75 special education school for emotionally disturbed children. Last year we did our first musical…this year we are doing it again but one of the frustrating things for them (and us) was their not being heard in our large auditorium. Being able to hear them will make audiences aware of the amazing work they are doing.
    This is fantastic!!!

  • By Deborah Reply

    Yea! for donorschoose 🙂

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