Divide the class into 2-4 groups, with each group writing approximately 10 questions about Vivaldi’s life and music that can be answered as “true” or “false”. The groups take it in turns to answer another group’s questions, and each time they get a question correct, they are given a letter from Vivaldi’s name. The first group to get 7 answers correct, therefore spelling out Vivaldi’s name is the winner.
Sample Questions: “Vivaldi was born in Germany: True or False?”, “Vivaldi was once a priest: true or False?” Having groups do some extra research to include more difficult questions would make this activity a lot more interesting.

Extension Activity: Research the musical form of the concerto. Write a brief description of a concerto, using the following questions as a springboard. How many movements does it have? What instruments are concertos written for? Which other composers wrote concertos? Write about any other interesting features of the concerto.