Here's a cheap way to provide instruments that look and sound professional

Whether you are in need of musical instruments because you just don’t have enough for each student; are tired of having a set of instruments that don’t work or are old ; need a class set of instuments or need something different to inspire your classes then you don’t need to look any further… At the Fun music Co. we have the perfect solution for you!

Imagine this : There you are at the beginning of the new term and your classes walk into a room with a glistening new set of classroom xylophones complete with music to go with it. They can’t wait to get onto them and before the end of the first lesson you have them playing something they can really be proud of…. and because they have a new set of instruments to play they want take care of them… your students want to put them away and are excited about coming back to their next lesson….And all this only cost you or your school about $60 AUS each… Think about it its the price of 1 Hal Leonard band arrangement! Xylophone you can make yourself!

Sound almost impossible doesn’t it .. well it isn’t and I know this because I know people who have done it. There is a a brand new site made by a good friend and collegue of ours who did exacly this at his wife’s school … 10 years ago (and they’re still using the original set!)…with instructions on how to step by step make a professional looking xylophone in just a couple of hours from scratch with minimal craft experience… so get your tech teachers and students involved and start making over the holidays…. afterall what else have you got to do!

Check out

and for the music check out

For more information on mallet percussion in general visit :

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