Here's a MUSIC GAME that will help your students to remember Music Note Names EASILY while their just having FUN!

Have you ever had :

  • A student who looks at you blankly after you’ve just explained to them where middle C is on the whiteboard
  • Student’s who are always full of energy and you can’t get them sitting down for more than two minutes
  • Student’s who have short concentration spans
  • A class where you just want to add a bit of variety and  FUN

I know  over my years of teaching I have certainly seen all of the above and sometimes all in the same class.  I just had to come up with a way to learn how to swim before I’d sink. I hope you can use this game as a routine part of your lessons because I know that I have used this strategy for years and years and students can’t get enough of it. It’s called……..

 Drum Roll Please…………




Sounds simple enough does’nt it!

It is ….here’s how it works and it can be adapted easily for studio one on one lessons , smallgroups or classes especially for children up to about ten years old….I’ve even used this idea on preschoolers and it works!

I find that the game works best once I have explained the concept ie in this outline below I would have just explained where the notes of the treble and bass staves “live”. I may have told my group what notes we’re looking at; got them to place some music notes in random order and may have given a quick go at drawing some music notes on the whiteboard before I’d set the game.

 This version is for a small group, but I’ll give you some ideas on how to adapt it for larger classes later on in this blog.

 Game Objective :

To beat the teacher (or each other) to the white board in a running note race

 You Need:

1. A magnetic white board with two separate staves on it

2. Music Note Magnets

3. White Board Markers to help tally the score and to help with leger lines if needed

4. Running Shoes


Have your group lined up opposite your whiteboard, but a few meters away so they can run up to it.

Have each of your students hold some music note magnets (the amount varies depending on how long you want the game to be) in their hand .


Have student A stand next to you and tell them what note you are racing for…. you could get one member of the group to call out the name of the note you are racing for and another member of the group to say ready …set…. go…..I tend to rotate where the kids stand so that they all have a turn at the different tasks

Do the same with students B C etc….

The person who gets the note in the correct position on the board first scores a point for their team. The team with the most points wins the game!

Playing the game with a Whole Class

Divide your class into two teams . The teacher calls the note and the students take turns in racing each other to the board.

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    What do you use for music note magnets?

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