Today I have a question for you!

What is the format that you use or that you would expect from a music lesson plan for high school?

I started thinking about this and then thought… Why don’t I ask everyone on this page, and everyone can leave comments on their practice and experience in this area.

I used to write lesson plans – but they were very much based around what my personal experience was and my particular goals for each class. I never came up with a consistent format! They were always either written down in my diary or on scraps of paper which I’d loosely combine into one folder for each class.

Lets assume we are talking about a theory lesson, it would usually consist of a format like:

  1. Introduction to the theme and basic concept of todays lesson
  2. working through an example as a class
  3. The class doing a problem on a worksheet
  4. working through the solutions to the worksheet
  5. Revising, making sure their understanding is right
  6. Setting Homework
  7. A class game, such as an aural guessing activity

Is this a similar format to what you’ve used?

When you look for music lesson plans on the internet.. what exactly are you looking for?

So leave a comment on this page – I’d love to hear what you’ve got to say!