All the resources you need for teaching your own children music….
Especially for Home School Parents

Add this package of music teaching resources to your library of resources
to maximize your child’s knowledge of music theory and musicianship.

The Home School Music Learning Kit

Home School Music Resource Kit

Dear Home school Parents,

Thankyou for taking the time to check out the Home School Music Learning Kit. You obviously care very much about giving your child the best of education, or you wouldn’t be reading this page.

We thought long and hard about the best ways we can help you inspire and motivate your children with their music. They might learn an instrument, however they do need to keep up their musicianship through learning music theory at home.

We’ve put together three products that I know will be of enormous benefit to you, and we have made them available to you at a substantial discount, to make it possible for you to make the investment in your children’s education today.

Please note that this offer is NOT linked publicly on our website, as the majority of our materials are priced for teachers… so please even if you don’t purchase this package today, please bookmark this page, so you can return to it if you need to.

printable music theory books level two

Purchased Separately

Printable Music Theory Books Student Edition

The complete four levels of our Printable Music Theory Books series, which is designed to align with levels from the major music examination boards around the world.

This is a complete theory program which you can print out and use as you need for your children. Hundreds of worksheets, printable student workbooks, assessments, and it even has fully answered versions, so you don’t even need to know theory yourself!

Teachers and Schools pay $189.95 for access to this course alone… but we have made it available for homeschool use at a substantial discount.

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Junior Musicianship CD-ROM

Purchased Separately

Junior Musicianship Worksheets

If your children are young you’ll really appreciate these worksheets, which are specifically designed for our youngest
learners. Help them to master music theory quickly, even if they have only just started writing with a pencil!

Over 200 pages of materials!

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Printable Music Games CDROM

Purchased Separately

Printable Music Games

20 games with hundreds of variations. Use these games to encourage learning with your child and inspire practice on their instrument. These games are the "hidden secret" of hundreds of private studio teachers who encourage more practice through the use of games. Use them with your own child!!

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Plus included on the same CD-ROM:

Ultimate Flashcard Set

A set of literally hundreds of printable flashcards. Get any flashcard design you’ll ever need, and these are so easy to print and laminate that you’ll have a full custom-planned set of cards for any purpose you need.

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value $19.95

printable flash cards

Ultimate Practice System

A set of printable stickers and practice charts that has been proven to work to encourage young children to do their regular practice.

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value $9.95

practice charts and stickers

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