How to make learning italian music terms fun!

Here is a short video which we just recorded, which explains in detail how to do complete our “Musical Terms for the Digital age” worksheets, using the special “mobile phone code breaker”.

Click here to download a free copy of the worksheet which is completed in this video:






  • By Jordan Reply

    So I am completely new to the whole blogging experience! I never knew what a blog was, and when I searched “music education blog” in google, this website came up. I teach band, chorus, and general music at the middle school level. I am always looking for fun and innovative lessons, especially in the general music classroom. I have only been on this website for about 10 minutes and I have already found much useful material! From google doodle to making learning italian terms fun, this blogging website is so useful. Thanks, and I look forward to starting my own blog!

    • By janice Reply

      You’re welcome : )

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