How we can save you over 200 Hours of Lesson Preparation time!

Phweew! Its finally done.

Today I’m really excited as we have been able to release our newest set of lesson plans on the History of Rock and Roll.

We really wanted this launched at the end of last year. Then we wanted it launched in February. That still didn’t happen but we have finally got it done, and I’m really thrilled with the result.

Why did take all that time?

We’ve had many revisions, many writers and editors look over it and we’ve changed it based on their expert feedback.

We started this project back in March last year. We did loads of research ourselves and worked out the lesson topics, then we “auditioned” some writers from across the world, until we found one who really knew the topic and had some great teaching ideas that we knew would work in practice.

We then handed it on to another great writer who added the “sparkle” with more brilliant teaching tips and great juicy trivia on the subject.

We then handed it onto a couple of expert editors (who are all music teachers), and we revised and changed it based on their feedback.

After all this, then our graphic designer went to work and created some stunning layouts which make it look really professional and very easy to print.

We’ve paid for more than 200 hours work in total – We stopped counting when we got to the graphic designer!

Finding out the basic facts about individual groups and artists is easy, but what is not so easy is the story.. the bit that really makes it interesting to the students.

You can spend countless hours trawling through the internet and books to learn this information… and believe me you really do need to know your stuff to teach this topic!

The students know it (or at least think they do!), and you’ve got to have a lot of juicy tid-bits of information to keep their interest.

We’ve developed this product with this in mind. We’ve tried to find a way to make it as easy as possible for the teacher, and loads of fun for the students.

I taught this subject myself in my first few teaching years, and I think even back then I spent countless hours reading and preparing for these lessons. It was never anywhere near as good as what we’ve put together for you now.

I honestly believe that this is the best resource for teaching this subject available. But I want you to prove me wrong. If you buy it and use it with your students, I’ll give you a full 12 months money back guarantee. This means if you’re not happy you can either get a full refund or better…

Tell us how to improve it so that together our community of music teachers can make it the most relevant and best resource on the internet.

$29.95 divided by the 200 hours preparation time that this will save you is 14 cents an hour. I’m sure you’ll agree that your time is worth more than that isn’t it?

History of Rock and Roll

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