Most of these Q and A sessions so far have been around topics related to classroom music. However we know that a lot of people on our mailing list aren’t classroom teachers.. they are private studio teachers, teaching instruments like piano, guitar and wind instruments.

That is why today’s session is a little bit different, and its designed to help those teaching private studio lessons, such as piano.

Today’s question comes from Lisa, in Orlando, and she says:

“I need tips for teaching very young beginners (5 and 6 year olds) piano. They have very limited attention spans and it is difficult to keep them interested. All one student wants to do is play during his lesson. I use games in my teaching, but they don’t want to settle down and play the piano for the remainder of the lesson. Sometimes I have to threaten to call on of the student’s parents so he will cooperate.”

Check out our thoughts on this topic in this video, then contribute to the discussion in the comments box below:

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