Interactive Whiteboard Ipad App idea for the Music Studio or Classroom

Here’s an idea for those wanting to become a bit more tech savvy over the holidays!

I’ve just found this great read blog article called Whiteboard for iPad, written by pianist and composer Anne Crosby Gaudet. Anne composes piano teaching materials for children, has a masters degree in piano performance and pedagogy and has been teaching piano in her own studio for twenty years.  In this article she talks about  an i-pad app she uses in her studio called Multitouch Whiteboard. She has also generously shared the background image she uses on her i-pad for her studio -so you can download it and try it out with your own students.

Thank you to Anne for sharing her wisdom and expertise in this area to the wider music teaching community and let’s continue to grow an extensive repertoire of app ideas for the music studio or classroom by adding your own thoughts.

Tell Me!!!What is your single most favourite iPad app to use in the music classroom or studio? How do you best use it?



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  • By DentedPixel Reply

    I am actually not a music teacher, but I have created a fun App for the iPhone and iPad called Princess Piano that teaches kids how to read and play music. The game features the adventures of Princess Piano in her quest to find her way home and rescue her family from a spell cast by a witch.

    I hope everyone would take the time to check it out and let me know what you think!!!

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