Teaching grades 3-5 in Elementary School?



Whiteboard music lessons Module Two

Music Jam

  • Suitable as a general music instruction program for middle primary students (grades 3-5)
  • Ready to use in SMART Notebook and ActiveInspire Formats.
  • Every Lesson includes:
    • Singing Song
    • Untuned Percussion Playing
    • Tuned Instrument Playing
    • Composition Activity
    • Music Appreciation
    • Ensemble Development
    • Aural Puzzle
    • Educational Game
  • Complete lesson plans and printable worksheets included.
Whiteboard Music Lessons


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What year levels is this for?

A. We have designed this program for middle primary/elementary – approximately grades 3 to 5. We have another program available for lower primary, and one for upper primary being developed which is yet to be released.

Q. Are there any prerequesites? Do my students need to have done module one?

A. NO! This is intended that you can start immediately with any class, no matter their level of experience. More experienced students will fly through some activities and be able to concentrate on some of the harder activities, and you can leave out harder ones for younger students. We deliberately assumed no prior knowledge when creating this program.

Q. What about Language Style and Terminology? I’m in ____________ and want to make sure that the correct terminology is used.

A. Music Terminology varies slightly in different places around the world. For this reason we have TWO different versions of the program, which you choose from when you download it. We have an American terminology version that uses the terms staff, measure, quarter note & whole note and we have a European terminology version that uses the terms stave, bar, crotchet and semibreve. This is part of our committment that YOU should choose what terminology you use when teaching your students – it should not be dictated to you from the materials you choose.

Q. Do I need an interactive whiteboard to use this program?

A. Yes, ideally you would have an interactive whiteboard, however it can still be used without one, by simply using a projector attached to a computer, and having the students interact on the computer, instead of on the actual whiteboard. We also supply a bonus mp3 tracks so you can download them to your music player if you need to.

Q. Can I use any brand of interactive whiteboard?

A. Yes. We provide these materials in the two leading platforms: SMART notebook, and ActiveInspire (by Promethean). If you use a different whiteboard you can still load one of these programs onto your computer and it will still work just fine with your whiteboard.

Q. Do I need any special software to use this program?

A. You need either SMART notebook or ActiveInspire. ActiveInspire personal edition can be downloaded for free by anyone – no hardware purchase is necessary, and it will work on any computer and with any whiteboard hardware.

Q. How long will it take to go through this program?

A. We designed this in 14 lessons – however with the amount that is in each lesson you could easily spread each lesson out over a number of weeks.

Q. Can I customise this program for my students?

A. Absolutely! As the files are regular SMART notebook or ActiveInspire files you can write in them, change the order of slides and customize the lessons to suit your students and your own teaching style.

Q. Can I try it out?

A. Absolutely! Rather than send you one lesson – we’d rather you purchase it, try the whole program, and then contact us for a 100% no questions asked refund if you find it isn’t suitable for you. Trying the whole program is the only way you’ll really get an idea of the amount of material included in this program.

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Order Now

$99 USD

includes instant online access and delivery on CD-ROM

Yes, you can order by school purchase order.
School & District Site Licenses are also available. Contact us for more information