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The Techy Bits….

There are numerous solutions and ways to make a projector project what is on your iPad.

In this method what you are doing is making the iPad work as a duplicate of your computer screen, so you’ll have all the software running on your computer. This method allows you to make full use of content that is available for whiteboards that is not able to be opened on the iPad itself.

Step 1) Get ActiveInspire whiteboard software (or similar) and our content downloaded onto your computer, and plug it into a projector

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Click here to visit the Promethean Planet website to download ActiveInspire

Air Display App Screen ShotStep 2) Get the ‘Air Display’ app on your iPad

There are quite a few iPad apps that will do this job, and we tested a few of them. We found that the app ‘Air Display’ did the most reliable job. It costs around $10, however it is worth it as it does the job very reliably.

To install it on your iPad, just search ‘Air Display’ on your iPad in the App Store on the iPad. If you don’t want to pay $10 – then feel free to check out other apps that do the same thing.

Air Display InstructionsStep 3) Install ‘Air Display’ on your host computer

The instructions on how to do this are available in the ‘Air Display’ app. It doesn’t cost more money – you just enter the website address in the app into your browser, and follow the instructions.

Step 4) Connect both the iPad and the computer to the same WiFi Network

Instructions on how to do this are also in the Air Display app, and it varies a little depending on your computer and network setup.

If you have difficulty with this step, we found that one of the best way to do it is to create your own private network between the iPad and computer. There is an instruction video here that explains this in more detail.

You will also need to enable ‘mirror mode’ – so that what is on your computer screen is exactly reflected on your iPad.

Then when you run the Air Display app on your iPad it should mirror what is done on the computer, so once you start ActiveInspire and load a lesson you’ll be away!