Jazz and Blues Lesson Plans Coming Soon!

Here at the Fun Music Company, we’re excited to let you know that we’re nearly there with one of our new projects which is a set of Jazz and Blues Lesson Plans to use for teaching in the music classroom or studio.

It all started all about six months ago and we’ve had several writers/teachers from around the world getting the fact sheet content together, coming up with some great fun worksheets and putting together some useful teaching ideas which is going to save teachers literally hundreds of hours in lesson preparation. We’re now in editing stage where we go through it all personally with a fine tooth comb to make sure it’s all exactly what teachers want. Next, the lesson plans will go off to our very talented graphic designer to give it all that “spark” and that professional quality layout. The final stage is then a full final edit by our professional editors. Wow it’s amazing how much work goes into getting it all ready!

So keep an eye out here on this blog and in your mailbox because as we get close to launching it, we’ll be able to send you some free samples and other info. If you are not yet signed up to our mailing list and would like to be, just enter your details in the box on any of our pages, including the bottom of this page.

But now it’s your turn! What information would you be looking for in a set of Jazz and Blues lesson plans? Do you like a step by step lesson plan approach or do you prefer a bunch of useful and relevant ideas that you can chop and change depending on your students abilities and ages? We’ve already extensively surveyed our clients, so if you’ve already provided us feedback then thankyou! We are working towards implementing all the suggestions that were given in our surveys.

If you havn’t yet given us feedback then feel free to send us an email, or just fill in the comment box below to let us know what you think.


  • By Katie Reply

    Hi Janice personally I like both ways, lesson plans to see how it can be sequenced but also lesson ideas so the individual can mix it up. I would like to see some co-operative learning ideas, most of the schools I have worked in have been big on this and it’s sometimes hard to include this type of learning in music.


    • By janice Reply

      We really appreciate this very constructive feedback Katie. The idea of more Co-operative learning ideas will certianly be something we can address in this new jazz and blues module.

  • By Debbie Dopp Reply

    I would love to have more elaborate PowerPoints that I could post on my curriculum site. I teach in a 5A high school district in Missouri (Nixa R-II schools).

    I teach Jazz beginning in December and my second semester blog is at ddoppmusic2.blogspot.com

  • By Deacon Eves Reply

    Hi there we are just starting our Performing Arts and Music Academy in Samoa in 2011. I myself is deeply in Jazz and intent to start teaching Jazz in this school but needed to write a program…..I wouldn’t mind using your teaching methods to get things moving fast!..Looking forward to using them here. Cheers Deacon Eves – President – Pasefika Performing Arts & Music Academy – Samoa.

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