Junior Musicianship System

Change Log and Updates

This page is for customers of ‘Junior Musicianship System’ to download updates that are made to the worksheets, free of charge.

Prior to January 2013 the Junior Musicianship was in a members area website, and we then converted it to an instant download product. For this reason all updates prior to January 2013 are included in the current product.

Only updates occurring after January 2013 will be posted on this page, so check back regularly!

Change Log (prior to December, 2012)

1st May, 2011

Added a simple achievement record page for teachers to track which worksheets have been given to which student/class. A4 and Letter format prints available. Download from main menu page

31st January 2011

Added more bass clef worksheets, specifically for those who use middle C position. C going down to B, then C,B,A, C,B,A,G and then C,B,A,G,F. Both in the note drawing (bass clefs) area, and in the note identification area.

5th July 2010
Added more single note drawing bass clef worksheets – Low G up to B below middle C, plus added a “Keyboard Connection” worksheet for low bass clef notes (G, A, and B)

13th April 2010

Plain Manuscript in big style for creating custom worksheets (access from box under main menu)

Answered versions to worksheets P26, P27, P28, P29 for those who just need a reference to show students

Added a missing worksheet for drawing Semibreves/Whole Notes to the drawing notes section

Added worksheets for drawing sharps or flats with the notes

10th March, 2010
Added two worksheets at the very start for those who wished to teach “ovals” rather than “circles” when drawing note shapes.

24th February, 2010
Added Treble Clef individual drawing notes A, B and high C

22 February, 2010
Added two “middle C” only worksheets to the Grand Stave Pitch reading worksheets

30th December, 2009
Added Solfege Option to all of the standard pitch worksheets, wherever pitches are written. You can now choose letter name or Solfege version.

16th March, 2009
Added 50 more worksheets, in a whole new section of pitch worksheets, especially for teaching beginner Violin

28th January, 2009
Added two lots of major changes based on suggestions from Users:

Added a set of lines and spaces only worksheets in the treble clef pitch reading, and treble clef identification areas. This is useful for those who use and “Learning the names lines and spaces” first approach. Thanks to Kim in the US for her suggestion on this.

Added several worksheets throughout the pitch area to help those using a “stepping up” approach. Students can start with two lines, then three and four before doing all five lines. Thanks to Evelyn in Singapore for her suggestions and feedback on these worksheets.

15th December, 2008
Added two graphical covers to the system, so that users can print out the worksheets as a book if they wish.

4th December, 2008
Minor Updates and broken links fixed in some of the bonus items

1st December, 2008
Junior Musicianship System Launched!