Children enjoying a preschool music lesson

I’ve just found  a very nice  article written by a talented K-8 music teacher, Monica Attel who shares some of here her best tips and tricks with teaching young children.

In the article, she suggests that wearing hats works for her, because it’s a way of providing a gimmick or a comic theme (referred to as a shtick) to help her get the students attention.

She  also talks about the importance of playing games with her classes. Here’s what she has to say about it:

“Through these games, I am able to teach musical concepts such as beat, rhythm, facts about composers and the ability to take creative risks. The class gets so engrossed in the game that they hardly know they are learning about music.”

So lets continue this discussion! What are your best ideas and ways to get the attention of your most junior music classes? How do you make it fun?

Printable Music Games