Keyboard Rap

Activity for teaching a class with keyboards,
no matter how much experience they have!





Materials for the Keyboard Rap Lesson

Interactive Whiteboard Materials

Download SmartNotebook FileInteractive Whiteboard Materials – SMART Notebook
Download ActiveInspire fileInteractive Whiteboard Materials – ActiveInspire

Other Materials

Download printslidePrintslide – Printable page, large enough to be held out front of the class on a whiteboard or wall.
Download Audio TrackKeyboard Rap Track – Full Speed
Download Audio trackKeyboard Rap Track – Slower


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These Keyboard materials can be found in the following resources

Without an interactive whiteboard:

Practical Music Lessons – Keyboard

14 ‘Keyboard Raps’ – Fun tunes that work with just about any class in a keyboard room.

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Practical Music Lessons - Beatboxing



For interactive whiteboard

Whiteboard Music Lessons: Play Up!

Lots of beatboxing beats and songs to learn in this complete module of lesson plans for upper primary/elementary students.

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whiteboard music lessons - play up