Want to learn from the best in Music Education?

Today I just wanted to give you a little ‘Sneak Peek’ at our Virtual Music Education Conference, so that you have plenty of time to plan for it in the next few months.

We still haven’t finalized all the speakers just yet… and we are still negotiating with some pretty big names in Music Education to speak at this event.

However, here are just a couple of the speakers we have already confirmed:

Speaker Richard Gill Speaker Anthony Trecek King Speaker Lorna Zemke
Richard Gill 

Amazing conductor, educator and advocate for Music Education.

Llyn Kleiner 

Preschool and elementary expert and Orff Guru.

Anthony Trecek-king 

Inspirational director of the Boston Children’s Chorus.

Sister Lorna Zemke 

Amazing elementary educator and Kodaly expert with a wealth of experience to share.

Plus many more………

You can also have a sneek peek at the conference website, to find out a couple more of the speakers we have lined up.

Because we haven’t finalized the program, tickets aren’t on sale just yet… but I can tell you that they will be available from just $99 per ticket. This is quite a lot more economic than a traditional ‘live’ conference which will cost you anywhere from $400 to $800 to attend, plus the expense of travel and accommodation.

So what do you get for $99?

Well… you get access to the World’s best in Music Education, and you can do it in your own time, and at your own convenience.

From the time that the tickets go on sale, you’ll be able to submit questions. We’ll then go through those questions, rank them according to popularity and importance, and then we’ll ask the expert those questions in an interview format telephone seminar.We’ll also write up the notes of the seminar for you, so you can download and review them in your own time, or watch the notes appear on screen while you listen to the interview.You can also download audio of the interviews so that you can listen to it in the car, when you’re out walking or whenever it is convenient. Learn from the Best in Music Education on a virtual stage

So whatever your desired way of learning you can do so, and you’ll have access to it for a full year from when the seminar is on.

Making a real difference…

Our goal with this seminar is not just to put on an outstanding seminar with some amazing speakers.. but it is to make a real difference for Music Education.

50 percent of proceeds donated to help music education For this reason 50% of the proceeds of ticket sales will be donated to charities that directly benefit Music Education.We are talking about programs ‘on the ground’ such as publicly funded choir programs for disadvantaged youth, Orchestral programs for poorer neighborhoods, such as ‘El Sistema’, and even simple things like Music Education projects on donorschoose.org. These proceeds will go directly to where it is needed: getting instruments into the hands of children.A couple of our speakers are directly involved with these causes, and they can share their stories about how music education is growing ‘on the ground’, and what we can do to get involved.So when you purchase a ticket, you’ll not only be helping yourself by learning some great things… but you’ll be helping lots of children get access to Music Education.

Questions you may have:

Where and When is it?

This is a virtual conference – so you will attend by logging into the conference website:


It is being held between the 27th – 31st July, 2013. At least four sessions will be uploaded to the conference website per day for those four days, but you can attend whenever it is convenient for you.

What about time zones? How can I attend at the right time if you’re in Australia and I’m somewhere else?

All these interviews are recorded, and uploaded at a specific time on each day of the conference, so you do not need to attend at a specific time. You’ll be able to login and download from the time each interview is uploaded, whenever it is convenient to you.

You’ll still have the opportunity to ask questions, but you will have to send them in advance, so that the speakers can answer them properly, and answer the questions that are most important and useful for everyone.

Can I get professional learning credit/certificates?

There will be an option to get a certificate of attendance which may be able to be used for your professional development time, depending on your local rules.

Have another question?

Please email me back if you have other questions – we’d be happy to answer them. We’re also still open to suggestions of whom to invite to be speakers, although we already have a list of over 100 people which we are presently working through in order to choose the best, most balanced program for everyone.

So.. put it in your diaries RIGHT NOW…. July 27th it will begin, and ticket holders will be able to begin submitting their questions on the 1st of July.

So what do I do NOW?

Although you can’t get your ticket just yet – you can visit our conference website NOW, and place your name on our advance notification list.

That way you’ll be the first notified when tickets go on sale, and there will be an ‘earlybird’ bonus that you won’t want to miss out on!

There will only be a limited number of tickets sold, and recordings or access will not be sold after the event. So in order to get your tickets early make sure you join the pre-release mailing list now.