Learning Guitar with Children – A new course is available

I’ve just discovered a brand new guitar course which is called “Guitar Tips for Kids”.

You’ve probably discovered that there are LOADS of online courses which can help you to learn the guitar – and many of them contain loads of information that you can (if you’re like me) use to make it look like you at least know a little bit of what you are doing on the guitar.

When you teach music these days you really do need to know a little bit of guitar. Its an absolute essential in many schools! They have a class set of Guitars and expect that you’ll be able to go in an keep the entire class engaged and enthused about playing them!

When I first started teaching I had just that situation. I couldn’t even TUNE a guitar, let alone teach the entire class how to play them!

I bought myself a book from the Long Haired Guitar Guy at the local music store and muddled my way through! It took me a whole year before I even got somewhat competent! Most of the students could play better than me on Day 1, and it really did take a long time to catch up!

Nowadays with the amazing thing which is the internet we have loads more opportunities to learn faster and better than we did back then!

I’ve found a few fantastic guitar courses which I’ve shared with you on this blog, but I’ve just discovered a new one, and this one is a bit different!

This course is called Guitar Tips for Kids, and it is specifically written in such a way that children can understand it. The Author, Dario Patrono is really good at communicating with children, and the course has loads of easy to understand pictures and sheet music, plus streaming videos and play along audio tracks.

The best bit is that Darios course is just $37 USD for the basic version, or $67 for the complete package including more advanced lessons. Its well worth this just to look at the way that Dario communicates playing the basic guitar chords to children.

I’ve even picked up a few tricks on guitar myself – even though I don’t teach any more!

So check out Guitar Tips for Kids – I highly recommend it!


  • By brook Reply

    I warmly welcome your “Guitar Tips For Kids”. It is a great chance for music lovers to learn about music that to especially guitar.Thank you for providing an wonderful opportunity.



  • By Frora Bosh Reply

    As guitar is most fascinating music instrument and every music lover want to play it—“Guitar tops for kids” is definitely help those children who want’s to achieve something in music field..great!!!

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