Want your students to learn about the string instruments? Take these couple of lesson ideas and inspire your students about violins and violas in your next music class. It will save you time in your Music lesson planning

firstly, compare the sizes of violins and violas with other objects of different sizes Show or speak pairs of objects, and have the students indicate the relative size relationships with the words “violin” (for small) and “viola” (for large). e.g.”mouse, elephant” would be “violin, viola” and “train, feather” would be “viola, violin” This will help students remember the relative dimensions of the instruments, which may be a little tricky to remember.

You can make a home made diddly bow (a basic blues instrument with one string) by stretching a wire or string along a wooden plank. Insert objects beneath the string at either end to elevate the string and increase its tension. The diddly bow is an excellent tool as a teacher to demonstrate the effect of string length and string tension (press down on the string with a finger to effectively shorten the string. Higher sounds are created by greater string tension and shorter strings