Happy New Year to all the music teachers and parents!

If you are looking for Holiday Music Games  to do with Children – Why not check out our Printable Music Games? There are over 20 uinique games with many hundreds of variations.

2007 was a terrific year for us at the Fun Music Company, and we added and revised “printable music games” many times, based on the feedback from the teachers and parents who purchased it. 2008 is going to be even better, with more and more teachers joining us all the time and contributing ideas to our products.

Many teachers have told us it is ideal for extra games to do in the holiday season, or to give children a break from regular run of the mill music lessons.

The best part of “Printable Music Games” is that you purchase a membership once – and you are a member for life! That means that every update and revision that we make is yours forever!

With most music games you either have to purchase them in a book or game box, and the pieces get lost or tattered very quickly. With our music games you can simply print a new one when it gets too well used!