Motivational Video For Teachers

Have you ever been asked questions such as “When are you going to get a real job?”, “What do Teachers Make?”or perhaps you’ve even heard the phrase “Those who can’t, Teach”.

This is a very appropriate motivational piece because I’m sure you’ll agree that music teachers get asked these questions all the time!

This slam poet and former high school, middle school and college teacher, Taylor Mali has a passionate 3 minute response to these questions which is sure to speak on behalf of educators everywhere and will put the “spark” back for those teachers who feel unappreciated. Enjoy!


  • By DJ Reply

    If I showed this to my fellow faculty members and administration, they would be so against what he has said even though all of it is potentially true. My principal wants everything to be about tolerance and positive feedback, without any negative criticism to or about the students. However, it is permitted between faculty members as long as they are either anonymous about it (cowardice), or they are part of the “classroom” teachers and not a male. I am so tired of the double standards, two-faced games being played, unethical, and unprofessional behaviors I have experienced for the past 5 years. I would leave if there were another opportunity available to me, but right now that is not the case and I have a family to support. Although I have made a difference in many students’ lives apparently that is not enough because my expectations are too high and I am not as accepting of inappropriate behaviors as most my colleagues and administration are.

  • By G.C. Reply

    Great video! I thought it was very appropriate for the the setting and also, my principal would love this video!

  • By Shannon Reply

    I signed up to this site for the music. I am currently a year ten student doing work experience in a year four class and this vid is amazingly inspirational.

  • By A.G. Reply

    Wow! I got chills because I was thrilled. Very inspiring message, spoke with passion from the heart. Amen!!!!

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