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New Materials Added for 2017!



Primary or Elementary School Resources

The Complete Whiteboard Music Lessons Curriculum for primary or elementary school

Introduction to Music (k-2)
Music Jam (3-5)
Play Up! (6-7)
Booomwhacker Beatz (K-6)


Interactive Music Theory Program

The full Interactive Music Theory course
(four levels)


Lesson Plan Modules
Five Lesson Plan Modules on the popular topics: Instruments of the Orchestra, Great Composers, History of Rock and Roll, Jazz and Blues and World Music


New Items added for 2017

Band Warmup Program

Band Warmups Program

Complete program of warmup activities for Band: including complete recordings and play-along tracks.

Preschool Music Curricululm

Preschool Music Core Curriculum

Complete program of 20 Lessons of Preschool Music, including lesson plans, games, craft activities and all recordings you need.

Garageband Program

Composition With Garageband

10 Lessons with Assignment sheets and classroom videos on Composing with Garageband for iPad.

Plus a whole lot more Worksheets, Games and resources for Music Education


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Will this hard drive work on Windows and Mac?

Yes. It has been tested and works on both systems.

What if I lose the drive, or it stops working?

We will provide an online backup, so you can download the materials again if you ever lose the drive.

Am I entitled to free updates?

Yes, you are entitled to free updates of all the products which are in the package at your time of purchase.

Full list of package items:

 Normal Retail Value
Whiteboard Music Lessons – Introduction to Music$99
Whiteboard Music Lessons – Music Jam$99
Whiteboard Music Lessons – Play Up!$99
Boomwhacker Beatz$79.95
Interactive Music Theory – Four Levels$396.00
Printable Music Lesson Plans – Instruments of the Orchestra$39.95
Printable Music Lesson Plans – Great Composers$39.95
Printable Music Lesson Plans – History of Rock and Roll$39.95
Printable Music Lesson Plans – Jazz and Blues$39.95
Printable Music Lesson Plans – World Music$39.95
Practical Music Lessons – Ukulele$19.95
Practical Music Lessons – Keyboard$19.95
Practical Music Lessons – Bucket Drumming$19.95
Practical Music Lessons – Beatboxing$19.95
Complete Printable Music Theory Course$189.95
Music Theory Fun Sheets – Treasure Island Games$29.95
Music Theory Fun Sheets – Musical Symbol Code Breakers$29.95
Music Theory Fun Sheets – Musical Terms for the digital age$9.95
Music Theory Fun Sheets – Musical Instrument Games$19.95
Junior Musicianship System$49.95
Printable Music Games$69.95
Ultimate Flashcard Set$19.95
Ultimate Practice System$9.95
"40 Lifesavers" ebook$9.95
Choir Warmups ebook$19.95
Plus Added for 2017:
Band Warmups Program$49.95
Complete Preschool Curriculum$199.00
Composition with Garageband Course$99.00
Total Value Included$1859.90
You Pay Just:$549 or $449


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