Here are a few music lesson planning
Ideas that can help your students learn about the saxophone in their music class.

A popular instrument these days is the Saxophone. It has uses from Jazz to Classical and Rock music. Saxophones are often featured in “big band” music.”Big Band” music often features the saxophone. The typical “big band” sax section consists of two altos, two tenors, and a baritone. Any of the saxophonists may double on other woodwind instruments

Learning the names of the saxophone family is easy with these ideas. Students can be divided into groups of four Left over students can be incorporated into groups of five. Ask students to arrange themselves by height within each group, and make labels or cards for the saxophone which corresponds to their size – soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone (groups of five can continue onto bass saxophone). Therefore the tallest student will be the baritone or bass saxophone, the next largest the tenor, etc

This activity could be repeated with other attributes like shoe size, length of hair and birthday if you wished.

If the students can read notes, distribute pieces of paper with single notes on them, and ask the students in each group to arrange the notes from lowest to highest and match them to the appropriate saxophones.

For an extra challenge and a quieter classroom, have the students complete some of these tasks without speaking.

Suggested Listening: Michael Kamen, Concerto for Saxophone. Warner Brothers Records 226157