At the Music Teachers Blog we will be posting various lesson plans that we have come up with ourselves, and that teachers have submitted to us. If you’d like to submit your lesson plan we’d be more than happy to post it here on the music teachers blog, and you’ll get appropriate credit for it.

Today’s lesson plan is a simple introduction to music that you can use for Kindergarten children (4-5 year olds)

1.  Introductory Song
Rock a bye your bear by the wigglesThis is a simple and effective action song to get warmed up and into music. You’ll find it a great chance to help get your child settled sitting on your lap and rocking, clapping, bowing and spinning together. Just listen to the words for the cue on what to do. You find a step by step guide on the next pages so that you can do actions more specific to the musical cues.
2. Percussion Song
Here comes a bear by the wigglesPlay tambourines or other percussion instruments in time to the music. Can break it up by doing some “Stomping” and “light taps”. You can also use your fingers in the air or on the instruments to be a “snake” in the second part of the song.

3. Activity – bubble blowing

Under the sea

4. Percussion Song
Hot Potato by the wiggles

5.Craft Activity
Make a shaker

5. Activity – ball rolling

When you wish upon a star
There is a good recording available from the Eden Symphony Orchestra that is very suitable for this activity

6. Percussion Song with dance

Hokey Pokey

7. Game – musical matchmates

Use some simple musical flashcards to do a game as a group. Ideas and materials can be found at

8. Dance
Point your fingers and do the twist