Its here!

Last year we ran a competition, where we asked members on our mailing list to submit ideas for our ebook competition.

In this competition we asked the question:

“What is the single best idea you can give a substitute music teacher, or that you can use yourself when substituting for someone else”

The result was over 50 amazing responses from all over the world. There were listening activities, performing ideas, complete lesson plans and great classroom games.

What we decided to do was put just twenty or so that really fitted into the category “Classroom Games for Fun and Learning”, and put them into an ebook. The rest we will publish via this blog, our facebook page and more appropriate places that suit the individual style of the submissions.

In this book are mostly ideas that fall into the category of Classroom Music Games.

These games are those amazing little gems that keep children inspired about coming to class, keep you popular as a teacher, and most importantly keep yourself sane, as you know you’ll have something to fall back on if your lesson goes awry.

How much does this cost? Not a Cent!

We were going to build a product around this and charge $20 or so for it, however we felt that the ideas in this little book were so good that they stood alone, and we want to share it with all of our clients and friends at no charge.

So click here to download and read the ebook.

Classroom Music Games

Printable Music Lesson plans