Today I’m extremely excited to announce the launch of our brand new resource to our product range which is simply called Whiteboard Music Lessons.

Interactive Whiteboard Music Lessons

The vision of this resource has been in the “pipeline” for over a year now and we’ve been thinking of the whole concept for even longer! It’ s not something that has come together without thought, it’s a result of culminating together with hundreds of music teachers from across the world and working together with them to create a resource that hasn’t even existed before…before now that is !
Through this process, we’ve :

  • Talked to many teachers who have tried and tested the ideas out in the classroom
  • Worked closely with editors to ensure accurate terminology and grammar
  • Run a competition and invited high quality songwriters to participate to ensure we got access to the best songs which are relevant to the topics and meet the children’s needs at this ability level
  • Worked with the best in graphic designers to ensure that we have a professional and bright layout on any whiteboard or projector screen
  • We’ve worked with professional musicians to ensure we have very high quality recordings that make it inviting for children and teachers to sing along

So in all we are very confident that you’ll find this resources relevant for your younger students, quick to navigate and professional in the way they look without having to go through all the pain of spending hours and hours of preparing all the individual slides and activities yourself.

A few months ago, when we first started building this resource, we asked our network of teachers what they were looking for in a first interactive product. Here’s what we found out:

  • Most teachers wanted to be able to play instruments on the screen
  • Most teachers wanted flexibility in choosing the activity when they wanted it
  • Most teachers wanted an easy to navigate system – something that can work from either side of the whiteboard without leaning over it
  • They wanted the whiteboard to be the focus of the lesson while the teacher helps to facilitate the activities.
  • They want singing at this elementary/primary level to aid with learning about the basics of music

With all these factors in mind, is designed for the sole purpose of making it easy and fun to teach music to elementary or primary classes.

Just think…if you’ve ever struggled to keep the attention of a young class, needed enough varied activities to help keep the attention of the class or simply don’t really want to sing in front of the class, then this new resource is designed to relieve that pain. This means you’ll be able to easily teach music in any room with a whiteboard or projector without all the hassle of having to practice, plan, perform or carry all the instruments around from room to room because it’s all ready a complete program on it’s own. This program is specially designed so that anyone can teach it: the general primary classroom teacher or the music specialist.

Here’s a more detailed look at what Whiteboard Music Lessons has to offer :

There are Loads of music related topics To Choose from In this Program
We understand the need for many varied activities to help reinforce each topic, so we’ve packed this resource full of :

Fun games
Games like this team board like game where the children need to know the answers of known concepts relating to the topic taught, practical games like musical statues which can be played as many times as you want, and this aural matching pairs game where children need to hear differences in sound.

Sorting and matching activities
In all there are fourteen individual music related lessons to cover with ten activities within each lesson- so there’s more than a term’s worth of work which you can use as you need or pick and choose as you need them- the choice is yours. You can make the content more difficult for more advanced classes (and we provide a downloadable lesson ideas book that comes with the whole product to help you do this) or you can keep it very simple and have relief teachers come in and use it easily.

Sorting Activities from Whiteboard music lessons

There’s Fourteen lessons in all which are all music related
We know through our extensive research that if you want to ‘tick” all the boxes to meet a music curriculum at this early stage of development, then this will do it!
It covers more than a term’s worth of content: so you can go ahead and pick and choose activities as you need to or take longer than a term and spread the content out to a semester,  the choice is yours.

Songs accompany every topic in the resource and they’re embedded into the layout
I hope I haven’t confused anyone with the “tech” talk in this heading, but it simply means that you won’t have to go off a page on the interactive whiteboard to get to a song. You do not need access to the internet and by pressing the play button you wont have any pop up screens come up or it won’t take you somewhere else. With this play button, you simply press it and it plays like it should.

Whiteboard Music Lessons Music Player



We’ve also given some options on each song, you can choose to play a version with the professional singing voice, or you can choose the kareoke version which has just the backing so the children can sing along and get used to the words in the song.

No Fuss Set Up!
With Interactive Whiteboard Music lessons, we wanted it to be as user-friendly as possible. All you need to do is copy your choice of file: SMART notebook or ActiveInspire to your computer. That’s it! Double click on the file, enter ‘full screen’ mode and away you go.

We deliberately made this to work inside the software that you already know how to use. If you’re using an interactive whiteboard of any type it is more than likely that you’ve worked with one or both of these software platforms.

If you still have an issue with it, we also have a support tab on our website where you can let us know any difficulties and we can help you within 48 hrs. There are options for all sorts of whiteboards and projectors in using this software, so we will find a way to make it no fuss for everyone.

Easy to print worksheets help with revision and assessment
Every topic in this module has a worksheet that goes along with the presentation. There is a screen in the presentation that matches the worksheet, so you can do it along with the class, or save on printing by just completing the work on the screen.

Whiteboard Music Lessons Worksheets

It’s Fully Flexible and Easy To Navigate
So many teachers want to be able to jump to favourite activities from either side of the whiteboard, so we’ve come up with a design which is very easy to navigate.

Whiteboard Music Lessons - Navigation Explanation

It encourages Active Learning!
Let me warn you: In this resource you will NOT be watching videos. We’ve set this whole program up to be as active as possible! You’re probably aware of all the debates going on with Interactive whiteboards at the moment: the whole question of do we use “tech” in the classroom for the sake of it comes up all the time – especially with using interactive whiteboard. Loads of programs use videos and flashy, loud games and while we know that the interactive whiteboard can easily do those things, we’ve wanted to keep the thought of getting the children to retain and get involved in mind rather than just passively watch on. With Interactive Whiteboard music lessons, you won’t have your classes sitting passively watching video content for hours on end. What you will encourage is getting students to come to the board and being part of the learning process by moving , sorting and composing on the whiteboard while you facilitate the activities and the onlooking class members have the ability to play along, participate and learn along in a nurturing environment.

You’ll have an ability to adapt this resource to the needs of your individual classes
This program is specifically designed so that anyone can teach it- the general primary classroom teacher, the relief teacher or the music specialist. if you want extra ideas, we’ve also provided a printable lesson ideas booklet to help.
It’s very affordable for individual users and whole schools
If you’ve ever looked at the price of good interactive whiteboard software, you’ve probably fallen off your chair when you realize that every single module of work costs literally hundreds of dollars!

Here at the Fun Music company, We’re very mindful of this at this issue with pricing. We believe it should be very affordable and have outstanding value.  I can tell you now that an individual license is not going to cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars. For a one time small investment, you’ll get unlimited use for any classroom straight away, plus we’ll send you a copy of it in a DVD pack so you’ve always got a back up. So click here and check out our video explanation and have a flip through the resourcces.