We were recently asked to help out with some materials for a US conference, which got us thinking about a special offer specifically for piano studio teachers.

We’ve bunched up a few “must have” items for piano teachers and have given a substantial saving when they are purchased together.

Here’s what you’ll get in the offer:

The retail value of this CD-Rom is $69. Click here for more information on Printable Music Games.

The price of of these two CD- Rom’s are $49.95 each or together for $79.95. Click here for more information on Printable Music Theory Books 1&2.

By itself, this CD-Rom is valued at $49.95. Click here for more information on the Junior Musicianship System.

This Piano Teaching Resource Package will give you instant online access to these four products and includes four CD-Roms delivered straight to your door.

To purchase these products individually, you’ll pay  $218.85 . The Piano Teaching Resource Package that we’ve put together is currently priced at $149.00 which means that you’ll save a total $69.00

So by using this offer, you’ll be getting the invaluable piano teaching resource Printable Music Games for FREE!

Simply click here to secure your  Piano Teachers Music Resource Package.