Music Resources In Schools: Help music funding in schools this weekend!

Let’s see if we can fund a needy school to get more than $1000 worth of new resources this weekend!

As music teachers, we all know the reasons why we think music is important in schools and all too often there’s just not enough funding for even the simplest of resources. I also know that as music teachers, we pay for a lot out of our own pockets and often it is up to the music teacher to individually purchase materials and resources otherwise students and teachers just don’t get what they need to get inspired!

At the Fun Music Company, we continually want to find a way to give back to the schools who need resources the most. Disadvantaged schools in high poverty areas are often not getting the simplest of resources to help make a music teachers work worthwhile…. and thanks to facebook changing their “like” system this week, we think we’ve found a way to do this!

At the Fun Music Company, we cannot hide the fact that we are a business. We have to be! Otherwise we would never have never been able to fund the best researchers, writers and artists we could find to write our materials and help teachers make music lesson more fun. As our business develops bigger, better and more interactive materials we also need more and more people to know about them.

Stay with me here….This is where you come in and it won’t cost you a cent!

You may have noticed this week on facebook, that they’ve changed their fan page system to a “like” page system. You’ve probably even noticed that here on our blog we’ve even got a special ‘like” button on our page now and it’s also on all of our other major website pages. This is a very important button to us because the more people who “like” our pages, the more people we can write more materials for and will continue to give us the much needed feedback required to ensure that the best products are made for everyone to use at reasonable prices.

Prior to this change, we’ve spent many, many dollars to get people to know about our materials. In the past we’ve had to give a lot of it to facebook and google as part of our advertising costs. But with this change, if we can get all our members telling other music teachers about the things we do here at the Fun Music Company, we can give the advertising dollars we usually spend on advertising, straight back into schools. This is why we’re so excited – because this is a way for us to give back!

Over this weekend, the 23rd and 24th April, 2010. For every new “like” that gets clicked on any of our pages, we’ll be sending 50cents to a charity called Through this website, you can view the stories of the most disadvantaged schools needing music resources and we can find out what they need to make a better music program. If your school falls into this category and is in a position to need new resources and you have no funding for it, you could also get involved through this website. At the end of this weekend we will choose the school or schools that need funding the most and will glad fully hand over our advertising dollars straight to them via

At the beginning of this weekend we already started with 785 “likes” , so we figure if we can get it to 2785 “likes” or more by Sunday, we’ll earn enough to fund a $1000 project for a single needy school or several smaller projects by next week.

Click here to see my video, made especially for this weekend. It gives you a step by step process how we can do it and what you need to do to help. So have a great weekend everyone and while we’re all having a nice relaxing time, let’s see if we can raise over $1000 to pay for resources in a needy school!


  • By Lorna Gooden Reply

    Sorry Jan I have not checked my mail for a long time so i did not see the request for the “Like’ response. This is a really useful website. My greatest problem is i do not use credit cards so i cannot purchase as I would like to for my school.

    • By janice Reply

      Thanks for your feedback on the “like” idea Lorna. We always really appreciate knowing what you think of our experiments here at the Fun Music Company. After the success of the campaign over the weekend, we have decided to make this an ongoing commitment and we’ll fund another project when we reach 2000! I’ve written an article about it at this blog post. With the other question you had, just feel free to submit a ticket and we’ll help you find an alternative method of payment which is better for you.
      Have a great week

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