Music Software Guide to help you!

At the Fun Music Company we’ve just launched a brand new website¬†– this one is not selling anything… its mission is to help and advise you about music software.

Music Technology can be really daunting, especially for a music teacher! If you’re not really used to using a computer it can be really hard to know where to turn, especially when there are so many different programs available.

However, these days it is almost essential that you understand at the very least a music notation program, so that you can print out your own arrangements and worksheets for music classes.

The most common and well regarded music software is Sibelius, and as part of this website we’ll be going through the process of learning this software step by step, and along the way we’ll publish tips and tricks, and answers to common questions that come up while using the software for the first time.

music software guide

We’ll also provide reviews and evaluations of other software, and give you basic explanations of what all other types of software do.. so you can understand the functions of sequencers, sound libraries and audio editing software.

The site to visit is

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