There is never a wrong time for some fabulous music teacher inspiration – and this one is the best I’ve seen in a long time!!

In this video, you’ll meet vocal teacher Sarah Horn. Just an ordinary music teacher who went along like so many others to see a star studded cast of performers accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra at the Hollywood bowl last Friday night.

There is one section of the performance where an audience member gets picked to sing the song “For Good” from the musical Wicked on stage with celebrity singer and actress, Kristin Chenoweth. On Friday night it was Sarah who was picked…….and now with well over 2 million views, the rest is history!!

Any music teacher just has to watch this! But beware, you might need a tissue- it’s beautiful!!

After the event, Sarah wrote her own account of how she got on stage and what was going through her mind- Well worth a read!

On stage when Kristen asked Sarah what she did for a living before they started singing together.  Sarah replied

“A voice teacher”

Kristen spontaneously gave her a hug responding with the comment;

“A real hero”.

But the real magic began when Sarah started to sing. The audience was simply mezmerised with her tone and her on the spot harmony!

After the song Kristen finished with the remark :

“Seriously people- This voice is teaching our young people”.

The crowd errupted in applause.

So what could the single best take-away from an amazing life happening such as this for any music teacher be? …

Well I think it’s summed up quite nicely at the bottom of Sarah’s article in amongst the 200+ comments where Debbie Rodrigues Wolgemuth, obviously somebody who’s known Sarah for a long time, writes:


“It was a learning lesson to ALWAYS have a song prepared…for such amazing times like these.”