Accelerate your success as a music teacher

The Music Teachers’ Success Coaching Group is an online training group for music teachers which focuses on personal psychology issues affecting music teaching. Coach Janice Tuck guides you through an online session each month, and applies these strategies to real situations you may face in your teaching.

  • Learn ways to actively manage your mental and emotional state

    The one skill you need more than any other when you step into the classroom is the ability to control your own personal mental and emotional state, despite what happens to you. This training will help you do that!

  • Learn the power of beliefs... and how to change them

    Beliefs. Facts. Values. Opinions. Understanding and really exploring your own beliefs, and the beliefs of others can really help you in your day to day interactions with students and colleagues.

  • Organizational principles for maximum effectiveness

    In this coaching group we will share basic organizational principles that if you use them on a consistent and daily basis can really shape and benefit your career.

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