Here’s a great way to help organize your career as a Private Music Teacher.

If your career is in Private Studio Music Teaching, then I know how you feel.
Somehow you need to fit in teaching the kids and then there’s all this other
Admin stuff like invoicing, scheduling and lesson notes which are all part of the
job. It’s no wonder we never have time for anything else out of teaching hours!

If this is you, then I just wanted to let you know I’ve just found something
really useful while I was searching on the Internet today.

It’s called “Music Teachers Helper” and is made specifically for Music teachers by
Music teachers to help operate the general day to day running of your own music
Studio business and all of your students.

The system helps you by providing a calendar complete with colour coding and
visuals which are specific to music teaching which will link all of your students to their
Invoice’s, payments and even little things such as books you may have lent out to

What I found most useful about the system was that it had an automatic email
Reminder, which means you, can send out invoices, lesson notes and lesson reminders to each of your students automatically and without any extra effort on your part.

And if you’ve ever wanted your own website, then Music Teachers Helper will
provide you with that as well.

The best part about it is the fact that it’s really easy and quick to use. Even if
you’re not really computer literate, you will be able to use it easily. There are
loads of really great tutorials to watch and there is a help center to help you
24/7 if you get stuck.

I just signed up for a trial membership today and was really amazed to find out
that I could use it all completely Free for 30 day’s and without having to give my
credit card number at all. Once I signed up, I received some really valuable
tips, tricks and articles about music teaching and could use the Music Teachers
Helper instantly.

The great news is that this offer is available to everyone who is interested and
to check it out just visit the Music Teachers Helper website.