Using Interactive whiteboard Content without an Interactive Whiteboard

This is the second of our videos in our Bi-Weekly Music Teacher’s Q and A segment.

Today’s question is one we get asked a lot at the Fun Music Company concerning Interactive Whiteboards.

The question comes from Amy in the USA, and she asks:

“How do I access your materials and other interactive whiteboard lessons if I don’t have access to an interactive whiteboard”

Well this is a subject we know a lot about, so please check out the video above, and add your input to the comment box below.

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  • By Judy Volk Reply

    I have a write on White Board which is not an interactive white board. I also do not have a laptop computer to use at school. My computer is on my desk and cannot be moved. So most of your materials I cannot use. For my lessons at school I hand write most of my materials involving theory of music, notes, letter names, etc. My music room is a long and narrow room and is very difficult to move in unless I take out the chairs. if I have 16 students it is very hard to place chairs so that I can see all students. When I have the Pre-School children, they are small and can sit on the floor. I have had 24 Pre-School students at one time. I do like to hear about how other people use the technical tools they have. Most of my material is copied from a book and handed out to my class. When instruments are used in my room like recorders and other rhythm instruments, things get very tight. I also do not not have access to a projector. I previously was in a bigger square room but had no board of any kind in it. and the same situation with the computer. Thank you for your ideas that you pass on to others. Judy

    • By Janice Reply

      Thanks Judy for taking part in this discussion. I know you are definately not alone when it comes to not having much technical equipment in your classroom. I was like you and taught without any special whiteboards or projectors for many years. I know I talk about using interactive whiteboards and projectors and computers a lot, but I also hope that my opinion comes through “loud and clear” when I say that they are just tools to make our work easier to prepare for. I believe that any music resource can still be used with traditional flashcards, pencils, board or printed games, whiteboards and CD players- it just takes a little more preparation time to get them made, but the children still have a wonderful experience with print outs and worksheets. It’s really the game or lesson idea that matters most and makes music lessons fun. Thank you so much for sharing your story- it sounds like you have loads of students and you’re giving those kids a great gift every day even in a small room and without all that fancy equipment.

  • By Pamela Reply

    Hi Judy

    I’ve just started primary music teaching and before I was an instructor (and couldn’t take a computer or laptop witht me!) and when I was a secondary music teacher there was only a whiteboard so I understand!

    At home or a school I can get access to a computer, I save the backing tracks onto a pen drive then burn them to a CD. As for the resources, I have to print out these or just make flashcards or the other option is to get the pupils round a very small screen on their bottoms, knees, benches and standing up!Nightmare!

    Hope this helps!

  • By Maggie Reply

    I seem to have installed Active Inspire but when I go to load the flipchart page it does not recognize the file???

    What am I doing wrong?


    • By kevin Reply

      Hi Maggie,

      Have you restarted your computer? That may be the issue. The other idea is to RIGHT Click on the file, choose ‘save as’ to save it to your computer. Then start ActiveInspire, once it is running choose ‘open’ from within the application, navigate to the file and choose “open”. That should solve the issue

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