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All worksheets available from the Fun Music Company include both American (US) and European (EU) language options. This allows the worksheets to use the language of staffs or staves, and bars and measures as appropriate, and have all the correct rhythm terminology used. Where necessary below we have given both versions of the worksheets. Our complete products also include formatting for both Letter and A4 paper sizes.


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Complete Music Theory Course

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Music Theory for your students.

Printable Music Theory Books Complete Course

  • Flexible for different ages and abilities
  • Copyright free with printing license
  • Compatible with major examination systems
  • Everything included: Printable student workbooks, assessments, quizzes and examinations.
  • Print workbooks out, or page by page as you need.


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Download Your FREE Music Theory Worksheets Here:


  • Want to Teach Music Theory to Young Children?

  • Helps young children read music
  • Simple notation
  • Easy, big print
  • One concept at a time
Junior Musicianship System
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Complete Modules of Music Lessons including
Fact Sheets, Worksheets and Lesson Plans.

Module One: “Instruments of the Orchestra”Treasure Island Games

Everything you need for an entire module of work based around standard musical instruments.


Module Two: “Great Composers”

Great ComposersIn 15 Lessons on selected composers from the Barque through to the 20th Century. Interesting Trivia and modern activities keep students engaged throughout the topic and helps them learn essential musical knowledge and musicianshipv

Module Three: “History of Rock and Roll”

History of Rock and Roll15 Complete lessons on the history of Rock and Roll, from the beginnings of Rock in the 1950’s through to today. This course gives an overview of the development of Rock Music, and really helps students understand different musical styles.

Module Four: “Great Artists of Jazz and Blues

Jazz and Blues LessonsExplore the development of Jazz with your students. From its humble beginnings with the Ragtime of Scott Joplin, through the Big Band and Swing Eras, through to Be-Bop and influences in Blues and Rock and Roll.

Module Five “World Music”

World MusicShare a world of music experiences with these fourteen prepared music lessons, suitable for upper elementary and junior high school. Students will discover everything from African drumming to Indonesian gamelan.

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Download Your FREE Music Theory Worksheets Here:

Inspire and Challenge your students with enjoyable revision activities

Module One: “Treasure Island Games”

Treasure Island GamesIn this set of worksheets students will answer a variety of challenging topics to find the answer to a hidden trivia question. Sections on Rhythm, Scales, Melody, Intervals and Aural are all included.

Module Two: “Musical Symbol Code Breakers”

Musical Symbol Code BreakersIn this module students will become familiar with a variety of common musical symbols. Three fun types of code breaking worksheet makes it fun to learn all these symbols!

Module Three: “Musical Terms for Digital Age”

Musical Terms for the digital aeIn this set of worksheets students will use a unique way to learn the italian music terms. Beat the clock and learn the terms in a fun way with this unique “mobile phone” inspired concept.

Module Four: “Musical Instrument Games”

Musical Instrument GamesIn this module students will become familiar with common and not so common musical instruments. All the orchestral and the modern instruments are covered in these fun worksheets, suitable for many different age levels.

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