New Easier-To-Use Website Now Online

Regular Visitors to the Fun Music Company will notice a change today!

Our homepage design has changed somewhat – however its the change behind the scenes that we are most excited about!
New Fun Music Company Homepage design

We have been implementing a new state-of-the-art website shopping cart and customer relations management system called infusionsoft. This is what some of the leading websites on the internet use to communicate with their customers in the most effective ways.


What does this mean for me?

You no longer have to login to a members area, or create a members area account to purchase a product

Previously we used to run a membership system to manage your downloads of digital products. This was a great system, but it had some major limitations. You had to create a username and password, and remember them to log back in to download your products.

Instead of that system we have now put in a system where you’ll get a download of an interface which you save on your computer, and then you download individual files as you need them from inside that interface. Put simply, it means you can get what you need quicker, without having to login to anything, ever!

We often had a problem when multiple products were purchased – there will no longer be that issue.

Our membership system and our shoppingcart used to have problems in certain situations, causing customers to become frustrated. There will no longer be those issues.

Our Email System is Now integrated with our members area and shopping cart

We previously ran together three systems: a memberships system for the delivery of digital products, a shopping cart to handle sales and securely process your credit cards and an email system to manage the delivery of communications. We have replaced these with one integrated system, so that should be able to handle our communications much better.

We can identify clients and customers by their interests and make sure that we are sending the most relevant emails

One of the great features of this new email system is the ability to segment customer lists by their interests. You’ll notice in a lot of our emails that we might ask you to click on particular links – that will indicate to us
what type of teacher you are, if indeed you are a teacher at all.

Why is that important?

This is very important. If we have something that is of interest to lower primary or elementary teachers, it is hardly going to be useful for junior high or high school teachers is it?

Conversely, if we have something on advanced music theory or advanced aural skills, teachers of preschool or kindergarten are hardly likely to be interested in that, are they?

Therefore you can really do us a favor by clicking those links when you get the emails to indicate to us which group you fall into, and we’ll do our best to only send relevant emails to those groups.

Questions you may have….

I’ve previously purchased items and enjoy accessing them through the members area. Can I still access those products?


We are very careful to make sure that customers can access their products that they have paid for, and we will make sure that this members area is available for as long as we are in business. The members area has moved to and you’ll always be able to access the materials there.

How do I manage the emails I receive from you?

You can opt-out of email communication very easily by clicking the link at the bottom of any of our emails. Also if you click on links in emails we ‘tag’ you with categories, so we can control what emails we send you.

Are my credit card details secure?

Our credit card merchant facility uses a gateway, and that hasn’t changed. We use one of the most reliable and secure gateways on the internet, EWAY. Your credit card details never leave that gateway and are fully secure. We don’t store your credit card on our website – you need to enter it every time you order from us.


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  • By Darryl Miller Reply

    I have purchased items in the past, but never have used any of them because downloading was such a hassle. Congratulations on the new site.

    Maybe I’ll be able to use your materials someday.

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