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Janice Tuck Creative Director, The Fun Music Company
Janice Tuck
Creative Director, The Fun Music Company

Twenty years ago I was teaching in a small country town. I finished a degree, qualified as a teacher, then went to start my first job. It was a SHOCK!! I had to stay up late every night to prepare classes, and it wasn’t an easy time….. but do you know what was the hardest thing? The lack of support and guidance. There was no help at all: I was stuck. That experience was the inspiration for me to create my company, and our newest professional development program for music teachers….The Virtual Music Education Conference.

Twenty years on, and we have this wonderful thing called the internet. We have all the information of the world at our fingertips… however it is still really hard to know where to find support and guidance. Who do you trust? Who are the experts in each area? How do you meet people who can guide you in the right direction?

If you want new ideas and inspiration, the only real options are live conferences and trainings. However, most of these cost $500+, just for the registration. PLUS there’s all the cost of transport, accommodation… and thats even if you can get the time off work….. There just HAD to be a better way.

Then we thought….. why couldn’t we bring this together online.. and present the absolute BEST people in our field. We don’t have to pay for travel and accommodation, so we can present it cheaper, and more effectively, as people can download the presentations and listen in their own time.

Its not free.. because you know the old saying… “If you pay peanuts… you get monkeys”… If we had it free we could never get the quality of presenter we have for you, however registration is available at a very economical cost. Plus.. these people are not just here to sell you on books and programs. The only way anyone is invited to speak at this event is if they have been nominated by a member of the public, and there is no sponsorships or selling involved.

Most of all, what we’ll give you at this event is a reason WHY. WHY Teach Music? Why is music important for our students? If you have strong reasons why… you’ll be the best teacher you can be, and you can improve your teaching career in amazing ways you never thought possible.

So, click here to check out who the incredible line-up of speakers for the Virtual Music Education Conference are, plus you’ll be able to watch my full launch video.

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