Usually our best revision and ideas come from the teachers who are using our resources in the classroom day in day out- Teachers just like you!  This latest revsion is for the set of Claude Debussy resources in the Great Composers -Printable Music Lesson Plans Series. We’ve just changed the Claude Debussy Fun Sheet to make it easier for everyone to use!

The before shot:

As you can see in the picture below, before the revsion was done, it was a bit confusing for teachers and students to know wher the sentences began and ended and was often more complicated than it needed to be for teachers to explain the puzzle;


The after shot:

So what we’ve done to improve on this is to black out the areas of the puzzle which are not used. This should saves any confusion and is much more straight forward to explain on a whiteboard or to individual students.

In the Printable Music Lesson Plans series there is also a full answer key to all the puzzles provided. All you need to find the link that say’s “Bonus#1 Additional Materials” which you’ll find in the main menu. Have a look at the picture below to show you where to click to find them;

So what do you think!! Is this easier to explain and understand? See if you can work the puzzle through yourself and if you have any further feedback please let us know using the comments box below. We do read and act on these revisions, so please make sure you let us know so we can supply you with the most up to date, user friendly and relevant teaching resources avaliable to music teachers.



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