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Recently, one of our Fun Music Company members, Joanna sent us an email about a website that looks very useful to primary or junior school teachers. The website is called Sing Up” and offers loads of free instructional videos, lesson plans, power points and recordings of fun, relevant music for children ages 5-11.

Here’s ¬†Joanna’s review comment about the site:
“I HIGHLY recommend this sight.¬† I am sure I am not the only one who enjoys coming across a goldmine of lesson plans and curriculum ideas then sharing them like treasures with other fellow educators!”

here are two direct links to some interesting songs and activity ideas I found on the site:

“Boom Chicka Boom” is a great icebreaker or warm up for any choir or class. It’s very easy to learn, but the ways you can use it are endless and lots of fun. You can get access to recordings, whiteboard presentations and lyrics. There are also some other great warm up ideas with direct links to songs on their getting started page.

Here is a very clear and professional two part video I found on you tube demonstrating how to teach the actions one of the songs called “Well done, Everyone!” .


  • By sue storry Reply

    I love the sing up programme and have been using lots of UK songs since arriving in Australia. I have never had a problem getting students to sing but I do use lots of game songs from a very early age and lots of solo singing opportunities by singing to a puppet etc.

    • By janice Reply

      Great Stuff Sue! as you know, I’m really with you when you mention that games are so important at early ages. It’s always great to have your opinions and thoughts on teaching and thanks for contributing to this website review.

  • By Bruce Reply

    […] Tuck presents Music Primary Singing Resources posted at The Music Teachers […]

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  • By Richard Rudolph Reply

    I love the sing up material but am blocked from songbank download, Can anyone help?

  • By primary music resources Reply

    Thanks for the introduction with this website. It has wide collection of music and fun. I think very useful specially for kids.

  • By music resources for primary teachers Reply

    Thanks for these two videos. The second one is really fun loving. It’s very nice and funny to teach music to kids. They really like it. I used to play an ice breaker at the start of my class to get all kids refreshed. Lots of fun.

  • By Kris Cavagnaro Reply

    Great post!

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