Opportunity for writers to contribute to one of our upcoming products

Today we’ve got a fantastic opportunity for you to participate in one of our upcoming products and get paid for your ideas.

Our best materials in lots of our products have come from teachers who are teaching on the ‘front line’ in schools, conducting bands and choirs, and composers who compose for school students.

When we put together our Choir Warmups ebook we had fantastic contributions from choir trainers all over the world. We also did this years ago with our 40 Lifesavers ebook for classroom teachers.

When we put together Whiteboard Music Lessons Module One we held a songwriting competition, and got some fantastic songs that the students just love.

The reason that students love these songs so much is that they WORK. They work because they are written not by one author or composer who never works with kids – they are written by a range of teachers who work with kids all the time.

As you may know we are currently putting together the third module of our Whiteboard Music Lessons Series. This one is for upper primary/elementary students (grades 6 & 7).

So…. we need your ideas right now and we are welcoming contributions.

The way it works is this:

  1. You send us your idea or idea(s).
  2. If we use them, we’ll pay you $100 per idea that we use, and give you a free copy of the final product.

That’s it – simple, isn’t it!

The sort of thing we are looking for:

  • Fun SONGS that this age group will enjoy. Think UPPER primary/elementary (ages 9-12). Boys in this age group are sometimes reluctant to sing, so you’ve got to be inventive to find ways to engage them. Perhaps beatboxing or grooving on untuned instruments might be a way to get them to participate? We want to hear ideas that you’ve had that work for this age group.
  • Ensemble Activities and pieces/arrangements that are simple and work. We are using just a few instruments in this program… Simple melody instruments like keyboards and xylophones will be in it, as perhaps boomwhackers could be too. There will also be a focus on the ukulele in this program, so little ensembles that use just chords I, IV and V7 for the Ukulele would be great as well. The ensembles should have just up to three or four parts: a melody which could be sung, a chord part which can be played on ukulele, and some little melody bits.

If we decide to use your idea, you just need to sign us a copyright release if it is a song that you’ve written, or your own intellectual property in some way. Of course you are not prevented from using it or publishing it again on your own.

Even if it is an idea or arrangement that uses someone elses song, then still send it in. We are investigating getting mechanical rights on some pop songs for this product, and if an idea is great and it works, then we’ll try and get the rights to use it.

We passionately believe in following copyright guidelines, and ensuring that composers are paid fairly for their contributions. We pay the $100 fee per song or idea that we use, which can mount up if you have several used.

You just have to trust us that we’ll be honorable, and if we see an idea that is great and we use it… we will pay you the $100. If you would rather we’ll also happily send you $100 worth of our existing products.

Therefore its a win – win for everyone. We put together an awesome product, and teachers can get some free products and some extra cash for themselves.

So send your contributions direct to me at [email protected] by Friday, 20th April.

You’ve only got just under two weeks to get your ideas to us, so make sure you start thinking about it now and get them in quick!


  • By Lisa Sipp Reply

    My middle schoolers have been enjoying working together to make a creative music video with a message about who they are. First, they individually write down three positive character traits about themselves and then we go around to each person in the room and they share what they wrote. Then, they choose one of the words/traits that they will either write on themselves, on a piece of paper, or come up with a different creative way of revealing the word in the video. After writing the word (on their arm, leg, foot, cheek, knuckles, fingers, hands, paper, etc.), the camera person (or teacher) videos a several second clip of each student revealing their character trait word. Next, students volunteer to play a short segment of music on an instrument of their choice to add to the video. Students also brainstorm background music to be added to other parts of the video as needed. All of the video clips are edited and merged together, an introduction is created, along with a title and credits, and voila! Then, post the video on the school website, Facebook, or YouTube.

    • By janice Reply

      Thanks for sharing your idea Lisa- We always appreciate your input.

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