Out of the Blue…

This week’s video is very different- I was on a bike ride and got to a windy cliff overlooking the sea … and some insights about my week suddenly came to me. Here’s what it looked like (along with some unexpected insights into life and teaching that I had this week after I took some time to reflect)….

As a result of this reflection we made a change to our final session of our GarageBand training this week.

In our seminar we talked a lot about the speed of change in this area, and there has been some major developments which have impacted what we’re doing, and so we’ve had to make a decision to change our approach to the last webinar on GarageBand for Mac.

You see, Apple announced an update to GarageBand for Mac on June 5th – coincidentally the day before our first training session, and they began rolling out downloads of this new version in the following week.

This new version is pretty much the same ‘under the hood’ – it does all the same things, so our content is still perfectly fine, but it does LOOK quite different. Apple have made a major cosmetic change, similar to what they did with the iPhone operating system a while ago.

So therefore our first ten lessons which we created for GarageBand for Mac are now out of date already! The videos we created were with the previous version, so therefore there could be some confusion if students are using the older version. We do know however that schools are often slow to update things, so for that reason the older version videos will be needed for quite some time.

We also know that its important that we provide an update to the new version for people who have it as soon as possible, because you can’t start with the old videos if your students are using new versions of the software.

So we’ve decided to do two things:

1. We have recreated the videos with the new version software, so that if you are teaching with it you’ll have the tutorials you need that will look the same as the software, plus we are leaving the old version available as well.

2. We’re going to add a new updated online training in three months time, when things settle down a bit and when we know how many people are on the new version vs the old version. 

So now, anyone who has purchased a ticket to this training has now got the best of both worlds! They have the choice of both versions of the videos that match the software so that their students are using relevant tutorials and then in three months time, they will have brand new content using the most current version of the software.

Participants in our training also get a chance to provide feedback – before the final ten lessons are created. That way we can make sure that the pacing and the difficulty level is suited to as many people as possible. We’ll send a survey in August out to all registered participants and then we’ll create the final ten lessons based on your feedback.

If you’re not yet registered – it’s not too late! You can still get full access to the replay sessions of this training, and that will also entitle you to attend our final update seminar on September 26th, 2017.
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  • By eileen Reply

    Thanks for sharing your “out of the blue”. Very good reminder to keep moving ahead. Good luck!

    • By Janice Tuck Reply

      Thank you so much for keeping in touch Eileen- It’s amazing how just a single thought can change your whole world – I know that has really been the case for me over and over again. Wishing you well for now and always and thanks for your lovely feedback because it’s really appreciated and keeps me powering on in times like this 🙂

  • By Vickie Swing Reply

    Thank you Jani9ce for sharing these insights. I always appreciate your pep talks, especially as more often than not they come at a time when inspiration is needed. Blessings!

    Warm Regards,

    • By Janice Tuck Reply

      You are very welcome Vickie- I’m so glad they can help and they come at the right times for you. It’s great to know we all go through the same things 🙂 Have a great week ahead and I’ll make sure to keep them coming from time to time.

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