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Learn to dazzle and inspire your students with percussion instruments.

Great music teachers are forever growing new skills and are developing new areas of expertise in new instruments. The old saying goes ” if you’re not growing, you’re dying” and this is so true in music education. The minute we stop learning – everything just seems to take a backward step. We get bored and start to loose interest.

Whether you want to extend your personal or professional growth, percussion is a great and simple way to get both you and your students inspired

In my own experience, I had tonnes of percussion instruments to use in my classrooms. Anything from Vibraslap, Güiro to Claves – I had it all!

Students find percussion instruments fascinating and for the teacher it is a great way of teaching rhythm concepts in an active way. Yes – you can put a rhythm on the board and tell the kids to clap it or use “body percussion” to hear it, but I have found time and time again that there is just nothing quite like learning the proper names and holding a percussion instrument in the correct way and playing the rhythm in question. It’s just makes great all round education.

Not only do the children in your classes learn to play in time as an ensemble and general coordination skills, but they are also learning new cultures, new history and new perspectives in music and as the teacher I was able to inspire relevant conversation with their students without much extra effort.

I have to say though- I was lucky!

You see, I married a top percussionist and that’s what got me inspired about using so much percussion in the classroom. Had I not have had the knowledge or the guidance of using percussion instruments from my husband Kevin, I would have never had the time or patience to learn it all for myself. He was the one who got me going with feeling confident the instruments and there was just so much I didn’t know- it was like a whole new world when I started.

Basically all he did to get me motivated on using these instruments was he’d show me the basics of holding an instrument as I needed it (which was usually the night before my next lesson). He’d spend a few minutes showing me a little riff that sounded impressive, but could be learned quickly and then let me practice it for a few minutes .With my newly found overnight skill, I would march back into my classroom the next day and just dazzle my students with this cool sounding percussion instrument that the children had previously thought was dull and boring.

My students (and even parents) would want to be able to play the riff – which is quite hard for a raw beginner, but more importantly I got them immersed in rhythm playing to help their understanding of music theory. It was a real win – win. I got my students playing in time and playing theory rhythm concepts easily and they were having fun learning a newly acquired skill which was achievable in a fun way – they didn’t even realise they were learning. Just to top it off, Kevin wrote some cool little sequences for my students to play along with to help them master the rhythms.

With the Internet, this now becomes possible for everyone to learn and encourage in their classrooms, bands and studios and you don’t have to marry a percussionist (although I would highly recommend it!) to learn it.

My husband Kevin together with his great friend and colleague Tim Irrgang have put together a digital resource called “Percussion Secrets” to enable music teachers worldwide to learn these skills without having to go to the effort of getting lessons. Tim is a highly respected percussionist here in Australia and plays loads of percussion for professional bands, musicals and professional Orchestra’s. The great news about Tim is that he has a very easy going manner, doesn’t talk down to anyone and uses simple and effective strategies to get you playing quickly and effectively.

click here to visit percussion secrets

Just think, you could simply work out the percussion instrument that you’re interested in using tomorrow, watch a short lesson on it, and then have it ready to use in your lessons- complete with sequenced track to go along with it.

As an exclusive offer to our blog post readers, the Percussion Secrets digital learning program will be available for a small investment of $49 for 14 days only. Usually this unique package of resources is $69, but you will receive and extra $20 off as an exclusive reader launch special. You just need to add the special promo code “PSlaunch” into the checkout page.   So take advantage of the offer now to get material that would take a year to cover in traditional lessons for a fraction of the cost. Just note the cut off day is Friday, November 14th, 2008.

If you would like some more information and a free lesson, just go to:

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