Here at the Fun Music Company, we really value the interactions with our customers and clients.

We’ve just put together a brand new ebook with a collection of nine of what we feel are “work every time” ideas for Music Education. These are tried and tested ideas which we’ve learned from the best in the world and adapted, tested and used ourselves as we teach and conduct seminars. This collection will be available shortly on the internet.

Something came up during the creation of this resource, and members of our team just could not agree – so we decided to put it to a world-wide vote!

We have a game in it called “Musical Pizza” which works by using the word rhythms of the various ingredients of a pizza.

We were unsure whether the word rhythm of the word “pineapple” should be expressed as eighth and sixteenth notes (quavers and semiquavers) or as a triplet.

What do you think?

Should it be:

Rhythm 1:

Rhythm 2:

Rhythm 3:

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How should the rhythm of the word "pineapple" be taught in the music classroom?

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